Nominal Voltage(V):3.0
Max. Dimensions(mm× Mm): φ26.5*50.5
Weight(g): 62
Standard Capacity\Current(mAh\mA): 5400mAh
Continuous Discharge Current(mA):10mA to 2.0V at 20 ± 3°C
Operating Temperature(° C): -40~+85°C
Max Constant Current: 2000mA
Max Pulse Current: 3000mA

Available terminations:
1. P: axial leads
2. T, -PT2: radio pins
3. PT, -/TP: polarized tabs
4. MOLEX and JST connectors
5. Custom terminations available upon request

1. Memory backup: CMOS memory, RTC(real time clock) and computer backup.
2. AMR utility meters: Electricity meter, gas meter and water meter etc.
3. Wireless alarm sensors: Smoke alarm systems, temperature monitors etc.
4. Remote monitor systems: GPS, sea buoys, lifejacket lights, lifecraft lights, cargo-locating systems etc.
5. Automotive and electronics: Automotive security systems, tire-pressure monitoring systems etc.
6. Electronics toll tags: Toll gates
7. Military electronics: Radio communication, night vision equipment, tracking and positioning systems etc.

1. High energy density
2. High open circuit voltage
3. Wide range of operating temperature
4. Stable operating voltage and current
5. Long operating time
6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year at 25ºC)