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PKCELL FR6 FR14505 AA 1.5V 2900mAh LI-FeS2 Battery

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Lithium-iron disulfide batteries are a kind of lithium primary. Since lithium-iron disulfide batteries have an operating voltage platform of 1.5V, they have interchangeability with alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries having the same size.In addition, lithium-iron disulfide batteries have lighter weigh, superior leakage resistance , greater service advantage at low temperature than alkaline batteries , so they will gradually become the best power supply for portable electronic products

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Model:FR6 Non-rechargeable Lithium battery
Type:1.5v lithium ferrous battery
Chemistry:Lithium/Iron Disulfide Storage
Dimension:D:14.0±0.5mm H:49.2-50.5mm
Jacket:Alu Foil Color:Silver and blue
Samples:Free samples available
Lead time:3-7 working days for trial order,15~20 working days for formal order
Payment term:T/T, Western Union, L/G,Paypal
Application: Wireless mouse/keyboard, Radios, Appliances, Flashlights, Calculators,Toys, Clocks, Smoke Alarms, Remote Controls, etc.

Model IEC Nominal Voltage     (V) Dimensions (D*H) Max continuousdischarge current Storage life Cut-off       Voltage      (V) Weight     Approx      (g) Operating Temperature     (°C)
FR6 AA 2900mAh  1.5  14.5×50.5 1500mah 10years  0.8 16.8 -20~+60
FR03 AAA  1200mAh  1.5  10.0×44.5 600mah 10years  0.8 7.7 -20~+60

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