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The Similarities And Differences Between ER18505 Battery And ER18505M Battery

The ER series is a lithium thionyl chloride battery, which is a disposable high-capacity, wide-working temperature lithium battery.At the same time, ER series batteries are divided into energy type (high capacity) and power type (with M), ER18505 is an energy type battery, ER18505M is a power type battery, and the battery with a relatively large load is the ER18505M type battery.

一、 Main features:

ER18505 is capacity type, carbon package structure; nominal capacity : 4000mAh; maximum continuous working current: 100mA; maximum pulse current: 200mA; suitable for products with small current discharge, such as lithium batteries for heat meters, lithium batteries for gas meters, lithium fault indicators Batteries, wireless geomagnetic detector batteries, etc.;

ER18505M is power type, winding structure; nominal capacity:3500mAh; maximum continuous working current: 1000mA; maximum pulse current: 2000mA; suitable for medium to large current products, such as water meter batteries, GPS positioning batteries, cold chain monitoring batteries, wireless Temperature sensor battery, etc.;

二、The same point:

Standard model: A type; Battery size: Φ18.5*50.5mm; Rated voltage: 3.6V; Termination voltage: 2.0V

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Post time: Feb-09-2023