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The advantages of ER9V lithium battery compared with carbon 9V 6F22 and alkaline 9V 6LR61

一、 In terms of service life, the capacity of the ER9V battery is 3-5 times that of ordinary dry batteries. The self-discharge rate of the capacity of the capacity is 1%. The passage of the passing, the battery replacement ratio is high.


二、 ER9V battery performance is stable, and 95%of the capacity can be output on the same voltage platform. If you choose two dry batteries, the performance of the battery is uneven, resulting in too short service life or unstable use.


三、Environmental protection is the theme of global attention. Alkaline batteries are becoming more and more constrained by developed countries. Developing countries are paying more and more attention to their sustainable development. And application.


四、Carbon 6F22, alkaline 6LR61 is easy to leak, while ER9V lithium battery structure and sealability are better, and it is not easy to leak.


五、 ER9V battery is mainly used in intelligent instruments (water meters, meters, gas meters), smoke sensors, petroleum exploration, medical equipment, anti -theft alarm and other fields. 





Post time: Apr-18-2023