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Precautions For Using Button Batteries

1. Before use, first check whether your electrical appliances are suitable for 3.0V lithium-manganese dioxide button batteries, that is, whether the electrical appliances match the batteries;

2. Before installation, check the terminals of the button battery, the appliances used and their contacts to ensure cleanliness and good conductivity, and the appliances used cannot cause short circuits;

3. Please recognize the positive and negative pole marks clearly during installation. When using, prevent short circuit and positive and negative wrong connection;

 4. Do not mix new button batteries with old button batteries, and do not mix batteries of different brands and varieties, so as not to affect the normal use of the batteries;

 5. Do not heat, charge or hammer the button battery to avoid damage, leakage, explosion, etc.;

 6. Do not throw the button battery into the fire to avoid the danger of explosion;

 7. Do not put button batteries in water;

 8. Do not stack a large number of button batteries together for a long time;

 9. Non-professionals should not disassemble or disassemble the button battery to avoid danger;

 10. Do not store button batteries in high temperature (above 60°C), low temperature (below -20°C), and high humidity (above 75% relative humidity) environments for a long time, which will reduce the expected service life, electrochemical performance and safety of the battery performance;

11. Avoid contact with strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxide and other strong corrosive substances;

12. Keep the button battery properly to prevent infants, infants and children from swallowing it;

 13. Pay attention to the specified service life of the button battery, so as not to affect the use efficiency of the battery due to overdue use, and cause your economic losses;

 14. Be careful not to discard button batteries in natural environments such as rivers, lakes, seas, and fields after use, and do not bury them in the soil. Protecting the environment is our common responsibility.





Post time: Feb-13-2023