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Do you know the customs of various countries on Mother’s Day?

other’s Day is a festival to thank mothers. This festival first appeared in ancient Greece; while modern Mother’s Day originated in the United States, it is the second Sunday in May each year.

Customs of various countries:

China: On the second Sunday in May, greeting cards and carnations will be used to express love, and Wangyoucao (hemerocallis flower) is also suggested to express gratitude to mothers with Wangyoucao

Norway: Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in February.

Argentina: Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in October.

Lebanon: Celebrate Mother’s Day on the first day of spring.

South Africa: Mother’s Day is scheduled for the first Sunday in May.

Yugoslavia: Serbs in Yugoslavia call Mother’s Day Materice, which is celebrated in the first two weeks of Christmas every year. The custom of celebrating is: the children sneak into the mother’s room in the early morning of Mother’s Day and tie the mother to the bed. Small gifts in exchange.

Sweden celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in May. On the eve of Mother’s Day, the Swedish Red Cross will hold a bazaar of plastic mother flowers, and the proceeds from the bazaar will be used to sponsor holiday funds for mothers with many children.

Egypt: Every year on the last Friday of March. On this day, teenagers from all over the country will give flowers and gifts to their mothers, hold concerts and entertainment performances for their mothers, and select the most ideal mothers in the country.

India: Every April 5th. On this day, all mothers who have given birth to a child must wear colorful saris and exquisite jewelry, and come to public places for entertainment to show their femininity as a mother.
Central Africa: May 29th every year. On this day, mothers dressed in costumes and held their children in a grand parade in the capital city of Bangui. National leaders and government officials also participate in their festival activities, making the festival more grand and lively.

France: May 29th every year. Mother’s Day in France is more like a birthday party for the whole family, and children will send carefully selected gifts to their mothers, including jewelry and meaningful gifts.

Thailand: August 12th every year. During the festival, the most meaningful activity in the country is “selecting outstanding mothers”. Then, thousands of daughters hold pure white jasmine flowers as “mother’s flowers” and present them to their mothers to express their gratitude.

Japan: The second Sunday in May every year. Generally, carnations are given as the main gift to show respect for the mother.

Mother’s Day around the world: Although, many countries celebrate their Mother’s Day at different times of the year. However, most countries in the world, such as China, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium, celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

Post time: May-11-2023