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Applications About HPC Battery: A New IoT Battery Pack Solutions

PKCELL supply the Hybrid Pulse Capacitor (HPC) battery pack solutions. The HPC is designed to operate in severe environmental conditions over an extended period. It forms a battery pack in parallel with thionyl chloride lithium batteries, which is an excellent power supply choice for low-power communication technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT).

HPC Product Specifications:

● Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
● High Pulse Current Capability: Maximum current up to 5A
● Low Self-Discharge Rate: Less than 1% per year
● Extended Lifecycle: Up to 5000 cycles at 100% DOD
● Longevity: Over 10 years, surpassing the lifespan of the devices it powers
● Performance in Extreme Temperatures: Capable of charging and discharging
● Sealing Technology: Utilizes laser welding for a fully sealed design, preventing leaks under extreme conditions
● Eco-Friendly: A green and sustainable energy solution

Applications and Prospects:

1. Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMR/AM):
Smart energy management is the future of urban energy control. Traditional lithium or thionyl chloride lithium batteries do not fully meet the technical requirements of smart meters due to their high leakage rates or lag. The IoT series products, with their wide operating temperature range, high capacity, strong pulse current, and low self-discharge rate, ideally fulfill the demands of IoT smart meters.

2. Logistics Transport and Monitoring:
The logistics and transport industry continually demands new technological advancements. Various advanced tracking and management systems, especially for cold chain transportation of food and pharmaceuticals, require continuous, reliable monitoring support, which is provided by PKCELL’s stable, long-life battery systems.

3. Automotive Electronics:
ETC, T-box, E-call systems.

4. Devices Using GPS and Communication Modules:
PKCELL’s IoT battery solutions utilize high-capacity, long-life thionyl chloride lithium batteries paralleled with HPC. The operational voltage ranges from 3.0V to 3.6V, capable of delivering up to 5A, enabling device startups up to 100,000 times, depending on the capacity of the thionyl chloride lithium batteries or by paralleling more such batteries to increase capacity.

5. Geomagnetic Parking Systems:
Geomagnetic sensors buried underground demand strict temperature conditions. HPC meets the -40° to +85°C temperature requirements. Geomagnetic products need a lifespan of over three years, and the use of HPC battery packs can satisfy high capacity and strong pulse current needs for vehicle detection electromagnetic conversion technology.

6. Intelligent Manhole Cover Detection Systems:
Intelligent manhole covers address the flaws of traditional covers by monitoring the status in real-time. Any displacement or flipping triggers an immediate alarm to the control center, enhancing traditional management and preventing unexplained losses, thus improving safety.

7. Solar Panel Charge and Discharge Batteries:
Superior to current solar energy storage batteries, offering more than ten times the lifecycle of other batteries, with low self-discharge, safety in use, and compact size.

8. Intelligent Fire Hydrant Monitoring Systems:
With the widespread advancement of “smart cities,” “smart firefighting” emerges as an essential component of urban emergency systems, inevitably becoming a crucial part of the smart city infrastructure.

9. Heliostats:
Thousands of independently controlled heliostats track the sun and reflect sunlight onto a boiler at the top of a tower. The concentrated sunlight produces superheated steam, which is used to drive turbines and generate electricity.

This overview highlights the broad applications and forward-looking technology of PKCELL’s HPC products, designed to meet the needs of diverse and demanding environments.

Post time: May-31-2024