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About ER26500 and ER26500M batteries

一、3.6V ER26500 Type C High Capacity Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery
● Battery type: ER26500
● Standard voltage: 3.6V;
● Rated capacity: 9000mAh
● Maximum continuous current: 200mA
● Maximum pulse current: 400mA
● Battery weight: 58g
● Battery size: Φ26.2*50 (mm)
● Working temperature: -60℃-+85℃;

3.6V ER26500M Type C lithium thionyl chloride battery
● Battery type: ER26500M
● Standard voltage: 3.6V;
● Rated capacity: 6500mAh
● Maximum continuous current: 1500mA
● Maximum pulse current: 2500mA
● Battery weight: 57g
● Battery size: Φ26.2*50(mm)
● Working temperature: -60°C – +85°C;

二、Main features:
a high and stable working voltage
The standard voltage is 3.6V and the working voltage maintains obvious stability throughout the service life; more than 90% of the battery capacity is output on a high-voltage platform with almost constant voltage;
b wide temperature range
Can be used at temperatures between -60°C and 85°C,
cHigh energy density
The specific energy of Forte lithium-thionyl chloride battery is as high as 430Wh/kg or 1080Wh/L.
d better storage life and reliability
e Good safety, no pollution
Does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, no environmental hazards

三、 Application fields:
a In the civil field, it is mainly used for: public instrument AMR and CMOS circuit board
b Various smart meters; smart meters, water meters, heat meters, gas meters
cMemory and backup power: memory backup, clock power, data backup power
d Radio alarms/sensors: smoke alarms, temperature monitors
e remote monitoring system: positioning device, marine telemetry system
f Automotive Electronics: Tire Pressure Monitoring System
g Industrial fields: automatic instrumentation and equipment, petroleum oil wells, mines, medical equipment, anti-theft alarms, wireless communications, marine lifesaving, etc.
hModern national defense and military fields: aviation, aerospace, marine electronics, etc.

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Post time: Apr-27-2023