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PKCELL CR2450WSL 3V 620mAh Lithium Button Cell Battery

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Model: CR2450WSL
Capacity: 620mAh
Chemical Composition: Lithium
Application: ESL electronic shelf label
Free promotional accessories: pen, flash light, T-shirt etc.
Oversea Warehouse:Canada,UniteStates,Russian,Australia
1) Environmental friendly,Light weight
2) High density of energy
3) Low self-discharge
4) Low internal resistance
5) No memory effect
6) Free of mercury
7) Safety assurance : No fire, No explosion, No leakage
Disply and storage:
1.Batteries shall be stored in well-ventilateddry and cool conditions
2.Battery cartons should not be piledup in severa layers,or should not exceed a specified height
3.Batteries should not be exposed to direct sun ray for a long time or placed in areas where they get wet by rain.
4.Do not mix unpacked batteries so as to avoid mechanical damage and/or short circuit among each other
Warnings and Cautions:
1.Do not short circuited, recharge, heat, disassemble nor dispose in fire
2.Do not force-discharge.
3.Do not make the anode and the cathode reversed
4.Do not solder directly
WSL series–ESL electronic price tag battery
CR2450WSL 7.5KΩ(0.4mA) 620 1400 -20℃  +70℃ 


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