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PKCELL CR927 3V 30mAh Lithium Button Cell Battery Manufacturer

Short Description:

CR927 lithium coin cell batteries provide excellent performance and their extensive shelf-life makes them ideal for use in a variety of devices: Watch, computer, calculator, IC cards, electric key and other electric products.

CR927 size batteries are used as replacements for: DL927, ECR927, BR927, DL927B, BR927-1W, CR927-1W, KCR927 and LM927.


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PKCELL Button Cell Battery with Different Terminations

different button cell battery terminations
Model: CR927 Lithium Battery
Capacity: 30mAh
Volt: 3V
Chemical Composition: Lithium
Shelf Life: 5 years (not printed on battery)
Application: watches , lasers , LED tea light , vibes , calculators , car remote controls , toys and so on.
MOQ: NO MOQ, 1PCS is ok.
Free promotional accessories: pen, flash light, T-shirt etc.
Oversea Warehouse:Canada,UniteStates,Russian,Australia
PKCELL CR927  lithium batteries provide high power and long life with 3 Volt performance and 30mAh capacity. With lithium chemistry and an ultra long 5 Year Shelf Life, these batteries are a great choice for long term storage.
1) Environmental friendly,Light weight
2) High density of energy
3) Low self-discharge
4) Low internal resistance
5) No memory effect
6) Free of mercury
7) Safety assurance : No fire, No explosion, No leakage
memory cards, music cards, calculators, electronic watches and clocks, toys, electronic gifts, medical equipment, LED flash, card reader, small appliances, alarm system, , electronic dictionary , digital electronics, IT,etc.
Disply and storage:
1.Batteries shall be stored in well-ventilateddry and cool conditions
2.Battery cartons should not be piledup in severa layers,or should not exceed a specified height
3.Batteries should not be exposed to direct sun ray for a long time or placed in areas where they get wet by rain.
4.Do not mix unpacked batteries so as to avoid mechanical damage and/or short circuit among each other

CR 927 Performance:
Item Condition Test Temperature Characteristic
Open circuit voltage No load 23°C±3°C 3.05–3.45V
Load voltage 68kΩ, after 5s 23°C±3°C 3.00–3.45V
Discharge Capacity Continually discharge at 68kΩ resistance to cut-off voltage 2.0V 23°C±3°C Normal 630h
The lowest 560h

Warnings and Cautions:
1.Do not short circuited, recharge, heat, disassemble nor dispose in fire

2.Do not force-discharge.
3.Do not make the anode and the cathode reversed
4.Do not solder directly

Item No. System Normal Voltage (V) Capacity (mAH) Dimension(mm) Weight
CR927 Lithium 3.0  30 9.5×2.7 0.6 
CR1216 Lithium 3.0  25 12.5×1.6 0.7 
CR1220 Lithium 3.0  40 12.5×2.0 0.9 
CR1225 Lithium 3.0  50 12.5×2.5 1.0 
CR1616 Lithium 3.0  50 16.0×1.6 1.2 
CR1620 Lithium 3.0  70 16.0×2.0 1.6 
CR1632 Lithium 3.0  120 16.0×3.2 1.3 
CR2016 Lithium 3.0  75 20.0×1.6 1.8 
CR2025 Lithium 3.0  150 20.0×2.5 2.4 
CR2032 Lithium 3.0  210 20.0×3.2 3.0 
CR2032 Lithium 3.0  220 20.0×3.2 3.1 
CR2050 Lithium 3.0  150 20.0×2.5 2.4 
CR2320 Lithium 3.0  130 23.0×2.0 3.0 
CR2325 Lithium 3.0  190 23.0×2.5 3.5 
CR2330 Lithium 3.0  260 23.0×3.0 4.0 
CR2430 Lithium 3.0  270 24.5×3.0 4.5 
CR2450 Lithium 3.0  600 24.5×5.0 6.2 
CR2477 Lithium 3.0  900 24.5×7.7 7.0 
CR3032 Lithium 3.0  500 30.0×3.2 6.8 

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