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PKCELL CR2450 3V 600mAh Lithium Button Cell Battery Manufacturer

Short Description:

CR2450 lithium coin cell batteries provide excellent performance and their extensive shelf-life makes them ideal for use in a variety of devices: Watches, calculators, PDA’s, remote controls, cameras, toys, clocks, and hundreds of other small electronics.

CR2450 size batteries are used as replacements for:  5029LC, DL2450, ECR2450, CR2450N, CR-2450, CR2450EL, and CR-2450EL.

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PKCELL Button Cell Battery with Different Terminations

different button cell battery terminations

PKCELL CR2450 battery  can be a good Replacements to CR2450N, DL2450, ECR2450, BR2450, BR2450-1W, CR2450N, KCR2450, LM2450, 5029LC. Safety Certification - CR2450 3v lithium battery using high quality core raw materials and precision manufacturing process. Tested certified by CE. Keep safe of usage without leakage.

Huge applications such as memory cards, music cards, calculators, electronic watches and clocks, toys, electronic gifts, medical equipment, LED flash, card reader, small appliances, alarm system, electronic dictionary , digital electronics, IT, etc.
Disply and storage:
1.Batteries shall be stored in well-ventilateddry and cool conditions
2.Battery cartons should not be piledup in severa layers,or should not exceed a specified height
3.Batteries should not be exposed to direct sun ray for a long time or placed in areas where they get wet by rain.
4.Do not mix unpacked batteries so as to avoid mechanical damage and/or short circuit among each other
CR 2450 Performance:
Item Condition Test Temperature Characteristic
Open circuit voltage No load 23°C±3°C 3.05–3.45V
Load voltage 7.5kΩ, after 5s 23°C±3°C 3.00–3.45V
Discharge Capacity Continually discharge at 7.5kΩ resistance to cut-off voltage 2.0V 23°C±3°C Normal 1200h
The lowest 1100h
Warnings and Cautions:
1.Do not short circuited, recharge, heat, disassemble nor dispose in fire
2.Do not force-discharge.
3.Do not make the anode and the cathode reversed
4.Do not solder directly
Item No. System Normal Voltage (V) Capacity (mAH) Dimension(mm) Weight
CR927 Lithium 3.0  30 9.5×2.7 0.6 
CR1216 Lithium 3.0  25 12.5×1.6 0.7 
CR1220 Lithium 3.0  40 12.5×2.0 0.9 
CR1225 Lithium 3.0  50 12.5×2.5 1.0 
CR1616 Lithium 3.0  50 16.0×1.6 1.2 
CR1620 Lithium 3.0  70 16.0×2.0 1.6 
CR1632 Lithium 3.0  120 16.0×3.2 1.3 
CR2016 Lithium 3.0  75 20.0×1.6 1.8 
CR2025 Lithium 3.0  150 20.0×2.5 2.4 
CR2032 Lithium 3.0  210 20.0×3.2 3.0 
CR2032 Lithium 3.0  220 20.0×3.2 3.1 
CR2050 Lithium 3.0  150 20.0×2.5 2.4 
CR2320 Lithium 3.0  130 23.0×2.0 3.0 
CR2325 Lithium 3.0  190 23.0×2.5 3.5 
CR2330 Lithium 3.0  260 23.0×3.0 4.0 
CR2430 Lithium 3.0  270 24.5×3.0 4.5 
CR2450 Lithium 3.0  600 24.5×5.0 6.2 
CR2477 Lithium 3.0  900 24.5×7.7 7.0 
CR3032 Lithium 3.0  500 30.0×3.2 6.8 

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